Los Angeles County PACE Case Studies

The Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City Completes $7 Million Upgrade

Projected Yearly Savings:

  • $800,000 in energy material and maintenance costs
  • $28,000 in water savings

In January 2014, the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City completed a $7 million PACE financed retrofit. This 23-story building with a glass atrium, antiquated chillers and elevators made it the perfect candidate for an energy efficiency upgrade. The Los Angeles County Commercial PACE Program’s project developers helped the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City finance energy efficiency upgrades to address ongoing maintenance costs without incurring additional debt. The comprehensive sustainability project includes energy efficiency glass installations and new LED lighting that reduces energy consumption by a whopping 50 percent, the installation of 500 low-flow shower heads and the replacement of 250 bathtubs, new elevators, and more. The San Fernando Valley Business Journal honored the Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City by awarding it as a Silver Honoree of the 2014 Commercial Real Estate Award for the Best Sustainable Project.
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Teamsters’ Meeting Hall Nears Zero Energy Use with PACE

Projected Yearly Savings:

  • $7,500 in energy material and maintenance costs

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters completed Los Angeles County’s first Commercial PACE project in August 2013. The Teamsters’ Local 848 meeting hall in Long Beach is a two-story, 16,500 square foot building with an average monthly energy bill of $2,500. Recognizing that the building could benefit from energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades, Teamsters’ Local 848 utilized the county’s project developers and identified several major improvements to drastically decrease monthly energy bills and overall environmental impacts. The comprehensive project included the installation of a “cool roof” to lower daily building temperatures, a system of solar panels that produce 65 percent of the building’s electricity use, and a lighting upgrade. As a result, the Teamsters have reduced energy use by 38 percent annually.
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Historic Constance Pasadena Hotel Given New Life with PACE Upgrades

Projected Yearly Savings:

  • Over 205 megawatt hours of power savings
  • Over 3,200,000 gallons of water savings

When the Singpoli group purchased the historic Pasadena Hotel in 2009, the hotel was a beautiful but abandoned gem located in the heart of Pasadena's Business District. With an eye toward becoming an upscale, sustainable hotel, project developers turned to the Los Angeles County PACE Program for financing in part because of the 20-year term the program provided to upgrade some of the core infrastructure of the hotel. The project moved quickly from initial application to funding approval in less than 60 days, allowing for a successful grand opening of the dusitD2 Constance Pasadena in September 2014 and bolstering the local economy. A full envelope approach to energy and water savings was implemented in the 86,944 square-foot hotel, with $6,860,000 in PACE upgrades as part of an overall $60 million renovation package. This modern historic building showcases building modernizations that exceed state energy goals including an advance VRF HVAC system, upgraded and new elevators, LED lighting, Inncom control systems and low flow water fixtures and toilets. As a result of the upgrades, the hotel will see more than 3,200,000 gallons in water savings and more than 205 megawatt hours of electrical energy savings.
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  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase property value
  • Funds up to 100% of installed costs