PACE Final Application Supporting Documentation

Below is list of the supporting documentation required to complete your PACE Final Application. Contact the L.A. County PACE Team at (877) 785-2237 or if you have questions.

Your Final Application and supporting documentation will not be reviewed until a PACE Administrator receives the $250 application fee (see Final Application Review Fee below for details).

File Upload
Document Name
Applicant Instructions


Executable Contractor Contract(s) to Implement the Project * Each contractor involved in the project must submit an executable copy of the contract which includes details about equipment to be installed, materials, labor and other costs. The submitted copy may contain text indicating that execution is contingent on closing of funding.


Energy Audit * The property owner must commission a professional energy and/or water audit of the Authorized Improvements on which the cost and savings projections form the basis of the PACE financing. The Program recommends that the audit meet ASHRAE Level 2 standards, or be an energy analysis comparable in technical rigor (i.e., development of projected energy savings, cost savings, and project costs). The energy audit must be conducted on the property within twelve (12) months prior to submission of the Final Application. Audits and auditors must meet the standards outlined in the Program Handbook.

Mortgage Lender Consent

Only required if there is a mortgage on the property. The Mortgage Lender Consent Form must be signed by an authorized representative of the mortgage lender to show written consent of the PACE lien.

Investor Commitment and Term Sheet*

This lays out the investor terms, demonstrates financing has been secured, and sets forth the closing conditions of the Transaction Documents.

Draft Amortization Schedule *

Created by the investor, this shows level payments over the term of the PACE financing.


Title Report * Submit no earlier than 90 days before the date on which the Final Application is submitted.


Power of Attorney, Corporate Resolution and/or Articles of Incorporation (if applicable) You must submit a document clearly states who the legal owner of the property is. If the property owner requires it, you must also submit an executed Power of Attorney form.

Final Application Review Fee *

The Los Angeles County PACE Financing Program Final Application Fee Cover Sheet must be completed and submitted along with a check for $250 payable to ICF and mailed to following address:

LA County Commercial PACE Program
c/o ICF
601 W 5th ST, Suite 900
Los Angeles, CA 90071 USA

In the memo portion of the check quote: “LAC PACE App”.

Other fees may apply.