Performance Tracking

Building Performance Tracking is the process of analyzing a building’s operations and energy consumption over time to identify anomalies and areas for potential improvement.

Measurement and Verification (M&V) is a process of using actual measurement, calculation, and/or modeling to reliably determine actual energy/utility savings achieved within a facility by an energy management, energy conservation, or energy efficiency project.

Benefits of Building Performance Tracking and M&V:

  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Enable transparent conversations with tenants around potential energy performance upgrades
  • Improve engineering design and project payback analysis
  • Document financial transactions
  • Enhance financing options
  • Proactively manage energy budgets
  • Support evaluation and development of broader efficiency programs
  • Increase market understanding of energy management
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase property value
  • Funds up to 100% of installed costs